Scattered across the 2nd largest premium wine producing state, is over 50,000 acres growing over 40 varietals.  The Washington wine industry is rapidly growing and with 13 AVA’s  containing over 800 wineries, it can become a bit mind boggling on how you can plan to visit and see everything.

Let’s be honest.  You just can’t unless you have endless days and hours to spend traveling to every corner of Washington State.  But don’t be discouraged, you can get a great taste of what this region has to offer all in 4 hours.  Yes, Seriously!  Visit over 225 of the states wineries and sample some fabulous food along the way at Taste Washington, the nations largest single-region food and wine event. 

Taste Washington Wine #TasteWA

Hosted yearly, Taste Washington brings together wine lovers from all over to experience big and small wineries from all over the state.  Filling the convention floor is rows and rows of wineries pouring and talking about what they love the most.  Often you will find the owner/wine makers of the winery right there willing to discuss anything and everything about the wines.  It is a chance to have intimate conversations that you often don’t get when you visit the actually winery and tasting rooms. 

Along side the fabulous wine, you will find a large selection of bites from restaurants throughout the region, ciders and ales.  Catch one of the cooking demos when you need to sit a few and take a break as some of the areas best chefs show you their best skills. 

Taste Washington Bites #TasteWA

If you choose, you can even register to come early and take a few sessions to enhance your wineducation.  

If you do find that 4 hours just isn’t enough time, no worries, the show goes on both Saturday and Sunday so you can come back and sample what you missed on day 1!  

Visit Taste Washington for more information about the event and sign up to be notified of next years details. 


Source:  Washington Wine


Disclaimer: Article is written based on my own experience attending show as media, all opinions are my own. Enhanced by Zemanta

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