Feathered Easter Eggs in a Cork Nest

Around this area, we have a ton of birds and with a few bird dogs and bird hunters in the family, there typically is no shortage of bird feathers at our disposal for crafting. A member of our family also has a chicken farm, so when she gave us some beautifully colored pastel eggs, we immediately wanted to try a decoupage feathered Easter Egg project. Of course… this IS the Back Porch Somm, so we needed to tie them into wine somehow! Enter the cork nest project! 

This project is seriously easy guys. It takes no time at all to transform these eggs into this beautiful centerpiece. 


Feathered Easter Eggs in a Cork Nest

 Feathered Easter Eggs in a Cork Nest.


For the eggs, all you need are some beautifully colored eggs, feathers, a small paintbrush, and decoupage paste. Since these are fresh chicken eggs, they already have a nice color, but you could easily color them ahead of time any color you wish. 


Feathers and Easter Eggs


Select your feather and cut to fit onto your egg. Place feather on egg and paint the decoupage over the feather so it sticks to the eggs surface. Let dry. EASY!



Now for the fun “Cork Nest”… we literally used supplies from around the house. There are plenty of twigs around the yard to complete the project. 

Gather a large mouth glass bowl, corks, egg basket filler (or brown paper) and natural materials like raffia and twigs. 



Create a nice base to your bowl with the filler and then layer your corks around the outside edge. Insert your eggs into the center. Add in your twigs and raffia weaving into the corks to create a nest look.


Feathered Easter Eggs in a Cork Nest


Isn’t is so pretty!

I love the natural colored eggs with the corks and twigs.

So rustic… the perfect centerpiece for our back porch…  Be sure to “Pin It’ for later!


Feathered Easter Eggs with a Cork Nest



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