I used to not be a big fan of Sparkling Wines and Champagne but that is changing rapidly the more I try.  The third collection I have had the pleasure of tasting is the Biltmore Estate Sparkling Collection.  After trying out the Century Collection and Reserve Collection, I was really looking forward to something a bit different.  This wine delivered in a good way.  

The official name of this wine is Biltmore Estate Blanc de Blancs Methode Champenoise ~ Brut (I prefer to just call it Sparkling Chardonnay) !!  It is a 2009 Vintage from the Russian River Valley in California.  It has a low residual sugar of just 1.2% which makes it a perfect fit for me.  I don’t love an overly sweet bubbly. 


Biltmore Sparkling Collection



The smell is a wonderfully light apple and honey, so enticing.  

The first sip gives me a slightly tart taste that transitions into a smooth refreshing finish.  It really would pair nicely with a light seafood dinner or a cheese plate and crackers.  

We actually ended up sipping this as an after dinner treat one evening by the fire and it was just lovely! 

It sells around $25 a bottle and would be great for any special occasion.  

Visit the Biltmore Website for more information on George Vanderbilt, the Estate and the Winery.  

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