Make Your Graduation Party Easy!

This year we had another graduation in the family. Whoo hoo! This would be the 3rd grad party we’ve hosted and this time, we were all about no-stress! In the past we did the cooking and spent hours preparing and serving, never really getting a chance to sit back and enjoy the party. Not this time! 

We did do a little prep work and made a few fun signs from old pallets to put out around the yard. Had our friends and family bring over extra tables and chairs, and even made a few more of our own tables (which are incredibly easy to make) too.



Here’s how to make your party super simple and low stress:


Hire a food truck. We brought in Doggie Style Gourmet Hot Dogs for the party. This was the PERFECT choice as it’s easy, inexpensive, and everyone loves a good hot dog! Remember, this is a party celebrating an 18-year-old… she didn’t want anything extravagant.



Bring in a winery or a brewery. Talk with a local winery or craft brewery. If you are hosting a large crowd they may bring a tasting to you. We worked with Anelare Winery for our event. They brought out a sampling of their wines for a tasting as guests arrived. Guests could then place orders to pick up before they went home. We had pre-purchased several bottles to serve after the tasting. This way they know what they’d like to drink! 



Rent an inflatable bounce house.  In June it’s typically very hot in our area so what better way to entertain the kids (and many adults) was to order a giant inflatable bounce house, obstacle course, water slide! This was definitely a favorite.



Provide yard games. Simple games such as ladder ball, bocce ball, corn hole, or horseshoes can provide hours of entertainment for all ages. Try Kubb for a new game most have never seen also. We were introduced to this by our Swedish neighbor!



Bring in portable bathrooms. We are on septic so having all the guests use the bathroom in the house can cause major problems, not to mention we didn’t want guests we barely know wandering inside our home while the party was outdoors. Port-a-Potties are the perfect solution! 



Make a bulk store run. Right before the party, we did a trip to Costco and Walmart to pick up snack side items like chips and veggies, soda, jugs of water, and ice. We set those up near the food truck so people had food to nibble on throughout the evening. 

Have a “set up” party. The night before our graduation party, we hosted a “set up” party where our closest friends and family came over to get all the tables ready, clean up, get decorations out, etc… Feed them all some delivery pizza for an easy and fun night. Set up night typically ends up being more fun than the actual party! 



We also had all our friends with trailers bring them over to provide extra sleeping for the family from out of town. Together we had 3 large trailers which were able to house 17 extra guests right on our property!


What are your easy party tips? Share in the comments!

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